Expertly designed software, delivered on time.

By people who know what the heck they're doing.

Code: It’s what we do.

Proudly and passionately, that's the difference.

Start new projects with us or build integrations with your existing services.

Lean on us to implement that modern, reliable and robust backend software so you can focus on your passion. Already have a great backend story? Let us put its best foot forward with a fantastic frontend.

Development with a difference.

Measure twice. Cut once.

Understanding our clients needs and sharing their enthusiasm is an important part of our process in delivering the perfect solution.

Quality and accuracy of our work are points of pride for us, we believe excellent results are earned by investing in ones craft; unit tests and peer reviews are among our most valued tools.

We won't compromise on your values or ours.

Who are we?

Two extremely dedicated individuals living in Johannesburg and working remotely. Our 15 years of combined development experience means confident results delivered on time.

Our aptitude for learning means we're constantly improving ourselves and honing our skills. Meticulous planning and research enable us to solve our clients' problems precisely.

How we do it.

Clojure and Python are our preferred languages for the backend. Working with technologies such as Ring and Swagger in Clojure; Twisted and Django in Python.

The web is our frontend technology of choice, where we rely on HTML, CSS and modern Javascript tools like React and Redux for user interfaces and interaction.

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